Age of Worms - Deree's Diary

The Gathering of Winds Pt 2
Still wondering why

Waterday 26th Wealsun 595

Before we’d even finished breakfast that ungrateful rat disappeared in a puff of his own arrogance. He said that he couldn’t offer us any assistance but that we should continue on as he believed the Wind-dukes could have some weapons hidden in their tombs that could aid us in our quest. If we do find any I’m going to take them and introduce Tramp-face to a game we Halflings like to call “Stab the unbelievably full-of-himself wizard with as many pointy things as you can in an attempt to produce as many different sounds out of as many different orifices as you can, both natural and newly formed, before the scumbag dies in extreme agony”. Catchy don’t you think?

Still harbouring that frustration I ran through the lightning room swiftly followed by Sneeze. The lightning trap must have some kind of intelligence as it avoided going for me and struck out at my less nimble colleague catching him just before he got to the stairs.

The Gathering of Winds Pt 1
Why, oh why, oh why, oh why...?

Moonday 3rd Wealsun 595

A “bad news, good news, bad news” day today.

Bad news: I woke up with another scar on my chest. This is weird ‘cause I know for a fact that nothing happened last night. I can remember everything (much to Grim’s chagrin; a dwarf trapped inside a barrel ‘cause he fell in trying to scoop the last bit of ale out with his tankard, whilst hilarious to, well pretty much anyone who isn’t that dwarf, is not so amusing to the dwarf in question) and I didn’t fall down any stairs or invite any strange women up to my bedroom (although Salty was dropping her usual hints). Will have to keep an eye on this situation and hope it doesn’t get any worse.

The Apostolic Scroll
It all makes sense now

The Apostolic Scrolls

That is not dead
which can eternal lie,
and with strange aeons
even death may die.

The Champion's Belt
Big Worm = Big Trouble

Sunday 23rd Flocktime 595 cont.

We gave the priests of Heironious the items we’d found so they could determine whether or not they were cursed. It turns out that all of the stuff we’d found in the room with the vrock in (other than the petrified pseudo-dragon which they turned back to flesh) were, so we allowed them to destroy them. I think Muffin tried to negotiate with the pseudo-dragon (apparently called Animun) regarding it becoming his familiar (not sure why anyone would want to become more familiar with Muffin. Personally the less I know him the better I like him).

Whilst they did that we headed off to the counsel chambers to pass on the proof we’d found in the mind-flayers lair. The counsel seemed fairly pleased and even coughed up the reward they promised us; a whole thousand gold each. They were slightly less enamoured when we made a point of, well pointing out who’d actually hired the mind-flayer to kill us. The moment we uttered the name Doris Lightboobs, their attitude change from the pleasure that only comes from knowing that the city that you’re supposed to be running has been saved (again) by the only band of adventurers with a leader brave enough to take the job on, to one that only comes from being caught wearing nothing but a single sock by your mum on your thirteenth birthday; a mixture of horror, surprise and embarrassment coupled with a desperate desire for a hill giant to pass by, pick you up and swallow you whole… not that I know how that feels.

Hall of Harsh Reflections Pt 2
The face of evil changes some more

Freeday 21st Flocktime 595

The first part of the day was spent shopping (my group’s favourite pastime it would seem). I do have to admit I did place my shortsword in to be upgraded so that it would give off a freezing chill with each blow struck (ready in a weeks time) and, with a loan of some money from Grim, my new religious guru, I managed to get my kukri magicafied.

Speaking of Grim, during lunch he presented me with a silver tankard on a chain – the holy symbol for our god – saying that he had blessed it but that I had to break it in. And so we drank a toast (or four) with our meal before the rest of the group dragged us off to the counsel chambers.

Hall of Harsh Reflections Pt 1
The changing face of evil

Sunday 9th Flocktime 595

Went to the cowardly wizard’s to collect the items he wanted us to show Legless. These consisted of a load of artefacts from the Whispering Cairn, some worms and the talisman. He also gave us a note of introduction so that he wouldn’t kick us out (at least not until Muffin opened his mouth anyway).

I decided that this would be an ideal time to give Lavender some exercise. He’s gotten a bit fat over the past couple of months what with just sitting outside the Feral Dog eating scraps all day long. I can tell he wasn’t happy about it ‘cause as I was harnessing him up to the cart he let out a fart that even Grim would have been proud of.

Encounter at Blackwall Keep
Laying into Lizards

Waterday 26th Planting 595

After a good nights rest the others decided to head off to the Free City to sell our treasure and spend our hard earned money. I was about to ask Curly to buy me some stuff but decided that as I actually wanted to receive what I ordered, to ask Grim instead. Muffin asked if he could lend a load of money off me to buy himself a magical headband that would make him, he said “more” but I’ll just leave it as plain old intelligent. I agreed mainly due to the fact that I’m sick of doing all the thinking and it would be nice to have a break now and again.

I didn’t go with them as I wanted to stay and scout out the Halfling community to make sure they’re all ok. Plus I do miss working at the Feral Dog and I know they miss me, especially Tira.

Three Faces of Evil
Death in the dark

Sunday 16th – Waterday 19th Planting 595

Spent most of these days trying to sell various items that we’d found. Managed to con Shrub-beard into buying the spell book we’d found in Filge’s place (after Muffin had taken what he needed from it) and a passing ranger bought the baby owlbear. All in all we managed to get eight hundred gp each.

With this we decided (as a group) to buy a wand that can heal when it touches you which Grim is keeping hold of. That depleted our funds somewhat but I still had enough left to get myself and Grim a keg of dwarven ale each and a light mace (‘cause I’m sick and tired of bloody evil skeletons that can’t get hurt by my shortsword or daggers). I was also eyeing up a really nice kukri as well when Tyrol showed me an amazingly cool dagger. It was very finely crafted; its blade was slightly curved and it had a ruby in its handle. Tyrol told me that when it was made the blade was infused with the blood of a nalfeshnee demon. Muffin said that it wasn’t magical but it looked soooooooo cool that I had to have it. Cost me a bomb but I think it’s worth it.

Whispering Cairn Pt 2
Where it all began... again... sort of

Waterday 12th Planting 595

Muffin woke up fresh and ready for another full day of casting his spells. He must have had a really good sleep as the first spell he cast (one that produced a ray of frost from his finger) completely destroyed the mould by the door to the sculptors workshop. If he’s had a spell of such power all along, why hasn’t he cast it before instead of waving his hands about and throwing tiny magical dots at our enemies? I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again: wizards!

The Whispering Cairn Pt 1
Where it all began...

Waterday 5th Planting 595

Well I’ve been here in Diamond Lake for a few months now and basically, I’m bored. So in order to help relieve some of the hum-drum I’ve decided to write a diary about me and my experiences (I’d write about someone else but I’m by far the most interesting person here).

I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Deree Silentfoot and I’m a Halfling. I’m here in Diamond Lake to complete a very important mission on behalf of my race, but I shouldn’t really write about that in case one of my powerful enemies should find this book and discover my secret.


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